WIPO Reconstitution Plant For - Juice, Ketchup & Puree

For economic transportation of Fruit Juice concentrates and reduction of volume, two third of the water from the juice is extracted through evaporation process & the resultant concentrate is transported to factories, where the same amount of water or vitamin contents that was extracted before, is again added back or reconstituted. The process is called the Fruit Juice Reconstitution System.

Unloading of paste from aseptic drums into a tank with a agitator.

Transfer of paste to a formulation tank where the other ingredients are added for dilution.

The formulation can be done for tomato juice, puree and ketchup. For juice and puree the dilution will take place in the formulation tanks and passes through the pasteurizer before filling and packing is done.

For ketchup preparation, sugar desolation and other ingredients will take place in separate tank. These ingredients are pumped to the blending tanks where the paste / puree is already in place. Heat in supplied through steam in the Jacket and all the ingredients are processed to confirm the ketchup requirements. The formulated ketchup is then pasteurized and packed into paper packet/ glass bottles.